Birthday Cake

mandy lyn perez

oil paint, gold leaf, gesso, acrylic, and super gel on canvas adhered to wood panel
32" x 24"


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artist statement

My paintings are purely formal objects created for the sake of beauty. I will briefly defend the validity of beauty, then explain my inspiration and mechanism for creating these objects. Humanity is 100% affected by its environments. A majority of this is visual and isn’t perfectly pinned down by words. But I offer you and example—Imagine living in a large room with no light and drab cheap furnishings, and imagine how you’d feel. Now imagine living in that same room with quality furnishings and beautifully lit windows, and imagine how you’d feel. These two visual comparisons explain my point. Objects and environments make you feel. Art can be many things, and one of its faces is objecthood. Within this realm of objecthood there are visuals that speak to a wide and varying spectrum of people. Things are considered ‘good’ and ‘not good’ by many different folks. I try to make accessible imagery by using visual fun and youth in my objects. These paintings are little robots. They’re quarks from a different dimension. They are personalities on the wall. They are old or new friends. 

My direct inspirations come from Xeroxed punk show posters and their graphic quality, layered cakes, spacey electronics, and apple products, computers, iPods, and largely, from the materials I use: oil paint, super gel, spray paint, glitter foam, and canvas. Each painting is an adaptation of a formula I have gravitated toward. The motifs in each painting are cutouts, lines, and dots. I rearrange and remix these elements in a plethora of ways and add or subtract from those elements. The aesthetic I strive for is a balance between rough and dirty and sexy clean. These objects are sculpted with painting materials; they echo the ideas of collage but they tend to present more as sculpture than collage because of their 3D quality and materiality. 

The names of the paintings are suggested lenses to view through. They are always named when they are finished, they never work toward their name. Each painting is an evolution of its predecessors in this continuing body of work. Visual art is accessed through the language it creates. Each painting stands alone but is informed by the larger body, and is also informed by the current contemporary work being created by others today. They are in conversation with each other. There is a visual signature, and developing language occurring in my paintings that can hopefully engage people when I adhere to the apparent rules I have made for myself, and surprise and delight them when I decide to break them or add new elements.
My major inspirations/artists in convo with are: Paul DeMuroBret SlaterCaroline LarsenPeter HalleyJonathan LaskerRussell TylerBram BogartKari Cholnoky

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